Apar Sansar by Ramprasad Sen

Ramprasad SenThe great sage and mystic poet Ramprasad Sen composed many gems in the eighteenth century that are popular to this day in Bengal. In fact there is a special category called “Ramprasadi”, attributed to him, which falls under the broader Bhakti or devotional genre of music.

The song Apar Sansar¶, , or fathomless Sansar, the cosmos of creation, is a prayer to Ma Kali, the divine mother representational of universal female energy widely worshiped in India. In Bengal, there have been several great devotees of Kali, including the towering saint Sri Ramakrishna. Yogananda, inspired by Ramprasad, translated the song “Emon din ki hobe Ma Tara”, in the now well-known verse in his Cosmic Chants book titled “Will that day O come to me Ma”.

In Apar Sansar, Ramprasad invokes Kali to help him navigate the treacherous sea of Sansar.

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This boundless cosmos, there’s no way across
my dear Mother.
At your feet my faith, and all of my wealth,
protector from woes, be my savior
my dear Mother.
Beholding the waves, and the waters’ rise,
the body shivers fearing its demise.
A boat in your feet, I’m blessed to receive,
your humble servant, hold me together
my dear Mother.

The storms carry on, in ceaseless abandon
my body quivers, shaking in wanton.
Grant my hearts’ delight, Tara’s name is light.
Your name O Tara, essence of cosmos.
Eons slip away, Kali unattained,
Prasad laments that this life is in vain.
Sever worldly banes that refuse to wane.
Motherless, Tarini*, who to surrender?
my dear Mother.

¶ Sansar (संसार) – the world of change in  Dharmic cosmology

*Tarini – Divine mother as savior

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2 thoughts on “Apar Sansar by Ramprasad Sen

  1. who did the actual translation for this particular song?I must commend him for his linguistic abilities,as he has done a wonderful job indeed.


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