Hot chocolate

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Hot chocolate by Mystic Wanderer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Hot chocolate
runs down my gut.
My mind at ease,
shapes the thoughts
as they emerge,
flowing freely,
as words from pen
onto paper.

Tinkling spoons,
the sibilant
coffee machine,
barista calls –
“Tall mocha”! or
“Grande caramel latte”!
Another gulp.
A few more lines.

Then mind wriggles.
Wants me to leave.
“You can’t write here,
what cacophony!
That kid is loud.
That woman in front
on her cell phone…”

My cup empty,
now it’s just me,
and the people,
the sounds and lights,
the radio,
ringing cell phones,
barista’s calls –
nothing between.

Unless I get
another cup.

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Alter ego of @thecallofwords Wandering in the flow of words

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