Funniest Tintin snippet, ever?

My three year old son has realized the quite American way of emphasizing his speech with a trailing “ever” –

I don’t like this food ever…

I don’t want to take a nap ever..

and so on. Along the “ever” line, I decided, while re-reading several of the Tintin comic books this summer, to choose my favorite funny sequence from the lot. Somehow, it was easier than I imagined. There’s a particular scene from Seven Crystal Balls, the bumbling Captain Haddock running amok backstage, that has never failed to amuse me, often to laughter, and this time too was no exception. The pièce de résistance is Haddock’s bewildered expression staring at the tongue wagging cow mask after crashing into a timpani. Hergé’s artistic ingenuity accomplished so much without sparing a lot of words!

Ah, a late lunch on a warm, lazy afternoon (no harm pining for it amidst the drab Pacific Northwest fall), then curling up unmindful with a Tintin – one of the small pleasures of life I have enjoyed this summer.

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3 thoughts on “Funniest Tintin snippet, ever?

  1. a few moments that i love are:

    – when a little piece of tape gets glued to captain hadock’s finger in The Calculus Affair

    -captain haock trying to explain how he went to Khemed in the Land of Black Gold

    -the very last scene of Red Rackam’s Treasure, the alls well that ends well dialogue hehe


    1. I love the last scene from RRT too. Another comes to mind, the one where Calculus tries to endorse his shark submarine & is convinced of Haddock’s approval despite the latter’s vehement attempts to disapprove. Prof. Calculus is simply hilarious in RRT, and more such anecdotes are sprinkled throughout.


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